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Zaful wishlist

Hello everyone!At first, I want to say sorry for not being active recently on my blog. For today I have prepared you a wishlist from Zaful website. This is a site that offers a large selection of clothes and footwear all at a low price. Below I will show you several items that are beautiful to me and which I would order. You have items on more color, so you can choose. I'm delighted with the choice on this site.On this site you can find jewelry, dresses for every occasions, bags, shoes.. I think that every girl can find what she likes and the type of style, on this site.

The first  item I like is this costume.
                                                Bra Two Piece Shorts Tracksuit - White S

 Another costume that is also beautiful.. 
                                              American Flag Cami Shorts Set - Multi M


Third item I like is these shorts and t-shirts. 
                                          Sleeveless Laser Cut Top And Shorts Set - Midnight Blue S       


This flowers dress is so beautiful and this is fourth item I found.It is so elegant as well. Every girl would feel like a princess wearing it
                                              Cherry Print Apron Cami Sundress - White S


Next items is this beautiful dress.
                                                      Palm Leaf Cami Dress - Green S    

This dress is one of my favourite dress on this site.It is very elegant and you can wear it for some special occasions. I really like it.
                  Sleeveless Floral Printed Midi Dress - Pink M     

These shoes are very unusual and because I like it very much.
                                          Elastic Band High Heel Sandals - Black 40

The last thing I like too much is this long dress.
                                        Keyhole Back Floral Maxi Dress - Floral M

This things really look great and thea are definitely the items I would like to have in my wardrobe.
I hope You like my wishlist. I hope You will also find a few pieces of clothes on this site for You.

You can use code "ZFMine" for discount.
Have a lovely day.

utorak, 1. svibnja 2018.

Rosegal review

Dobro došli u novi post !
Danas ču vam pokazati šta sam dobila sa sajta Rosegal. Nadam se da vam se dopadaju stvari koje sam izabrala.

                                           Men's New Fashion Letters Casual Hoodies

                                 Collarless Open Front Asymmetric Cardigan - Beige - Xl

srijeda, 14. ožujka 2018.

Rosegal review

Hi! Welcome to the new post on my blog!
Today I will show you what I got from the site Rosegal. I hope that you will like it.

     Long Sleeve Pockets Inclined Zipper Pullover Hoodie - Gray - M


     Letters Print Pullover Sweatshirt - Black - M

      Drawstring Sports Pocket Jogger Pants - Apricot - L

Engraved Choose Happiness Round Friendship Necklace - Silver

That was all for this post. Thank you very much for reading. 

petak, 9. ožujka 2018.

Zaful Women' s Day 2018 Gifts

An outfit guide for powerful women
Happy day for all these beautiful and powerful women!
Women’ s Day is almost here and the perfect plan to celebrate it is… a shooping guide!! Zaful website has unbeliable promotions. I am sure you are going to LOVE. If you are a shopaholic as me you will enjoy it as much as I do because the more you buy, the more you save!
From 6th till 16th March you will have three different promotions. You can see them here , but I am going to explain them better for you:
  1. Best Sellers: If you buy three you get one for free.
2. New Faves: If you buy one item, you get a 30% discount in another new faves item.
3. New Arrivals: This is my favorite one. I love to shop in Zaful so, like I told you, the more you buy… the more you get! Buy one and get a 20% discount, buy two and get a 30% discount and buy three and get an AMAZING 50% discount. I am sure I will get the last one because I want to buy a lot of new pieces to make my perfect Women’ s Day outfit, as some of the examples I create for you in this post.

Now that you know perfectly this promotion I made three different options with strong and powerful outfits for this special day for all women.
Girlfriends: I am sure I will celebrate Women’ s Day with my girlfriends. They are so special for me. We met in college and we are every day and every time together. I am sure they would love these two looks because they have the latest trends right now. The left one is a fantastic Floral Chiffon Flowy Dress, with lovely pink flowers in it and a perfect pattern. The right one, an Off Shoulder Floral Maxi Dress is also a dream. In this dress you can find a lovely pink in the background of gorgeous flowers. Both dresses have the Best Seller promotion, if you buy three you get one free, so all your friends are going to be extremely happy with their new dresses! To end up the look, nothing better than layered jewelry. I bring to you two different options. On the left a Bar Round Disc Layered Necklace and on the right a Moon Gypsy Pendant Necklace. They have the New Faves promotion so if you buy both you can get a 30% off in one of them.

IMG_257IMG_258 IMG_259IMG_260
Mother: I think if someone talk about Women’ s Day the first women that will be in your mind is going to be your mother. The most special women of our life will have also an outfit guide for this day. I chose two original and different shirts that she can combine with a pair of jeans. A Striped High Low Belted Shirt, in a beautiful red color, and a Self-Tie Hem Striped Pocket Shirt, in a lovely blue color. She can wear it with heels, like this pair of Cross Geometric Stiletto Heel Sandals, or with flat shoes, like a pair of Curb Chain Mules Shoes. I have a pair of the last one and they are so comfy and so elegant. They have the third promotion so, as you know, if you buy more you get more discount!

IMG_263IMG_264 Daughter: To end this post this is my last option. It is going to be perfect for all these mums that are looking for the perfect Women’ s Day outfit for their daughter. I am going to tell you what I would like to receive from my mum. All these items are from the New Arrivals, so you can choose the third promotion. I chose three “two pieces” outifts and I tell you why. You can wear them together or separated! I can wear the two pieces top and skirt or I can wear the top with a pair of old jeans or the skirt with my favorite blouse.  A classic one, a Plaid Off Shoulder Top and Mini Skirt Set. A 60’s and vintage look, a Plunge Floral Crop Top and Skirt Set. And a trendy one, a Polka Dot Crop Top and Skirt Set.

IMG_265IMG_266IMG_267 I hope you enjoyed my outfit guide and I hope you have a beautiful Women’ s Day.

Zaful special deals


Who run the world? Girls!!! We are in a time that it is great to be a woman. In the early centuries women were always deemed to be lower class in society and can't perform and enjoy equal rights with men. Though we must admit that there are still places in the world that women are being suppressed to reach full potential, but majority are exercising their rights and achieving their full capacities. It's still a long run but soon we will be able to achieve it. 
I am proud that I am a woman. I am proud of how we have become empowered, that we are not only seen in society as household people. We can now speak out our minds, occupy positions in businesses and governments, be educated and basically do our things, be independent and successful in our chosen fields of interests. 
IMG_257 To celebrate the independent and empowered women of the world, Zaful is launching their annual Zaful Women's Day Special Promotions just a little tribute for us females who make things happen. This promo offers a lot of deals and surprises for Zaful customers, like Free Shipping (everyone loves free shipping right?),  discount coupons, buy more save more, Zaful points  (which you can use to lower the cost of your entire order) or 90% off deals
Don't forget to share this news with your girlfriends so they can also avail of New Member deals  and you together with your friends can also avail of the BFF Look book and Combo Sets.  Also in this promotion, Zaful will also be offering Self-Service Refunds and Extended Warranty Returns for 45 Days. Oh and there are games too where you can win free shipping, coupons and points. Check out the info graphic that I included in this post for more details. 
Later lovelies... (cue in Beyonce' s Who Run The World song...)

Rosegal women' s day

Rosegal Women' s Day 2018 Gifts

  Wonder Woman is a superhero comic book and movie adaptation that shows the equally powerful and strong aspects of a woman. It’s feminist and a showcase that what men can do, women can do also, sometimes even better. Of course, we shall deal with this subject beyond the superficial characteristics of the character. I know, she is beautiful like a goddess and have the body that can make any man fall for her. But beyond that, she’s intelligent, independent, strong, athletic and determined.

Wonder Woman have a lot of qualities that one woman can ever possess, she may
be a far-fetched idea but if you take the positive out of her you’ll end up being inspired: to take care of yourself, your skin, eat healthy and exercise to achieve that beautiful physique. You’ll be inspired to give your best in your chosen field, to keep learning for your advancement. You’ll be inspired to become fearless, make decisions and do things independently.

I believe that every female created is a real-life Wonder Woman. Personally speaking, I look up to all the wonderful women in my life; I surround myself with wonderful women. Because I get inspired by them and they empower me as well. You know who are the strong women are, they are the ones building each other up instead of tearing each other down. That’s why I am blessed that I have these kinds of women in my life. For sure, you have them too, like your mother, your professor, your aunt, a family friend or your best friend.

In celebration of the Wonder Women of this time, one of my favorite online store, Rosegal is setting up a promo to cheer you, me and all the women around the world with coming March 2018: Rosegal Women's Day 2018 Gifts (https://www.rosegal.com/promotion-Women-s-History-Month-special-73.html?lkid=12614044) Promotions. Isn’t that timely or what?

With this latest promotion, Rosegal is offering Discounts, Free Shipping, After-Sales Service, and New & Old Member Deals. Lots of surprises are in store for Rosegal fans and customers like the SHOP AND SIGN IN FOR CHANCES TO WIN $50 which will ran from March 7-9, 2018. All you have to do is shop at Rosegal between Mar. 7 - 9, and sign in for 3 days consecutively (count from the date after your order time), you'll go in the draw to win a $50 Gift Card. And the winners will be announced on Mar. 15.

Another special during this month-long promo is the SHARE AND GET IT FREE where you can get free products (You Share > Your Friends Join and Place Their First Orders > You get it FREE! How To Share: Click the botton on each product page.) You can also PLAY LUCKY DRAW wherein 100 points = 1 lucky draw chance (you will win points, coupons and free item). And the best thing that I love the most, FREE SHIPPING! Yey!

To check out the Rosegal best deals and know more about this latest Rosegal promotion, just checkout their website by clicking this link: : Rosegal Women' s Day 2018 Gifts (https://www.rosegal.com/promotion-Women-s-History-Month-special-73.html) and checking the info graphic included in this article.

Zaful wishlist

Hello everyone! At first, I want to say sorry for not being active recently on my blog.  For today I have prepared you a wishlist from  Z...